We put design at the heart of our business and our soul into everything we create.

Great design cannot happen without passion, intelligence and — above all — personal commitment. We work across creative boundaries, mixing objectivity with experience and curiosity with expertise to solve communication problems. To us, the only discipline that really matters is excellence.

At Graphika, we don’t like complexity, either in the work we make, or in the way we work.
When we collaborate with like-minded clients, great things happen – we become friends.

If your mind is open, we will move mountains to work with you.

Meet Our Designer

Melissa Horvat is the Director and Designer at Graphika. With over 18 years of industry experience, she has worked in leading Newcastle advertising agencies and art studios. Melissa is passionate about anything branding.


Our Work

Great designers produce great work, and we are no exception. But the end result is only part of the process. What matters to us is not only what we create, but the spirit in which we create it - with you.


5-star Reviews

At Graphika, we love receiving reviews about our work and the experience that our clients have with us. Click on the link and read some of our 5-star reviews, you will be impressed.


Recent Blogs


The Brilliantly Branded Barber

A sharp look, combined with being excellent at your craft, creates that magical branding formula. 
Monday, May 14, 2018

Risk in business: do those who dare really win?

A new move for Graphika. Will it be worth the risk?
Friday, January 5, 2018

How to integrate your brand across your entire company

To succeed in this cut-throat era, a business needs to make a brand of itself. How do we do this?
Tuesday, December 12, 2017



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